Sola City Homes

Sola City Homes is a 62 unit moderate density townhome development located in the heart of “SOLA” the South Lamar corridor at the Southwest corner of Bluebonnet and Del Curto. The Townhomes were built in 5 phase with a very challenging 3 parcel assemblage.

The design of the townhomes provide 3 story townhomes in 4 distinctly different floor plans that range in size from 1835 square feet to 2250 square feet. These full size homes are designed in the legacy of the urban neighborhoods that have endured for decades in the great cities of America. They are made uniquely Austin with local stone with stucco, metal roof accents and Craftsman Movement inspired architectural details bring a warm, traditional feel to the” Hill Country Craftsman” urban development.

Almost 50% of the homes face outwardly toward the street to embrace and interact with their neighbors with the remainder facing inwardly to beautifully landscaped courtyards. Each home provides 3 and 4 bedrooms, large living and dining areas, professional kitchens, and renewable bamboo hardwood floors, 10 foot ceilings on all levels, private yards and 2 car garages in addition to many other high quality features.

Sola City Homes is a Landmark project that combines all of the things that are great about urban homeownership.